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UK InterWeb has over 15 years of experience in designing and upgrading websites and providing IT based support services to companies in Britain and other European countries, Canada and the USA. Our main office is in West Sussex in southern England.

We work closely with our clients to understand their business and provide them with the best service and products.

When we design your website, we talk through what you want to achieve, become familiar with your products and services and understand how you like to interact with your clients and customers. We recommend the best format and structure for your website to achieve your goals.

All our IT services are designed to make the operations of your company more effective, efficient and productive. We can help your company adapt to a rapidly changing business environment.

We look forward to working with you

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Dr Geoffrey Clements

Managing Director

PhD in applied physics from the University of Sussex with a career of IT related experience

Geoffrey is the founding director of UK InterWeb. He has a PhD in applied physics from the University of Sussex, and has many years of experience in IT related professional activities.

He works with government departments in the UK, India and elsewhere, including workshops on technical innovations, such as e-governance.

Geoffrey developed UK InterWeb's pragmatic approach to working with companies and other organisations on their websites and other IT-based activities, based on his own experience, and on the need of all professionals to enjoy seamless IT business support.

Satvinder Kaur

Technical Director

Masters in Computer Application, award winner for IT and design work

Satvinder Kaur has a Masters degree in IT and applies her creative resources to make sure that UK InterWeb's offerings are up to the high standards that we have set ourselves. Satvinder has won awards for her IT and design work.

She has developed techniques to optimise the design of websites, so that they are clean, easy to navigate, professional in appearance and quick loading. Satvinder combines her technical experience and expertise with artistic flair, and she always seeks perfection in our offerings to clients.

Her IT expertise spans many skills, ensuring that our services are just right for our clients.