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Comprehensive Office Support

As all businesses, large and small, become more dependent on IT, it is important that all your IT-based office services work well and are properly integrated.

As staff costs are cut back, every executive needs complete office support, to avoid wasting hours on routine tasks and secretarial work.

At UK InterWeb we specialise in – automation in office administration.

We can provide you streamlined support for all your office activities.

We take on the strain of your routine secretarial work and provide you support for time-consuming work, such as market research and data management.

You focus on your core business.

These are some of the support activities we can do for you.

We have a range of high-quality online services:

Secretarial support

Most professionals spend up to 10 hours a week typing. That's over 10 working weeks in a year! We can save you 75% of this time through our online transcription service, with high quality and rapid turnaround. Please contact us for further details

Market research

The success of your business depends on how well you know and understand your market. This is a time-consuming activity. Our experienced market research team will analyse your sector and give you the information you need. Please contact us for further details

Data processing & mgmt.

We are all swamped with data and information. Few of us have time to analyse this information to benefit our business. We can create the best systems for you to manage and use information for optimum results. Please contact us for further details


Our team has the experience & talent to create attractive and professional design work for all your needs – graphic design for your documents, logo & stationery design for your brand identity, book & ebook design. Please contact us for further details