Electric Sun


Website design, graphics design, bulk mailing, transcription



Website & graphic design, ebook design, stationery design

G B Hotels


Website design, graphic design, logo design, website content

Human Factors International


Market research, analysis & preparation of data sheets

R P Driving


Website design, graphic design, embedded blog

Salus Construction


Website & graphic design, logo design, stationery design



Logo design, stationery design, preparation of PPTs

The Green Light Company


Website & graphic design, logo design, embedded blog

Medina Investments


Website & graphic design, logo design, stationery design



Website & graphic design, logo design, stationery design, preparation of PPTs



Website design, graphic design, website content

Fortus Properties


Website design, graphic design, website content

EEBS Translation & Interpreting


Website & graphic design, logo design, stationery design



Website & graphic design, logo design, stationery design, preparation of PPTs

David Thomas, Chiropractor


Website design, graphic design, logo design

Client Testimonials

Nigel Grace - Managing Director, Human Factors Europe Ltd

UK InterWeb worked with Human Factors Europe Ltd to create our marketing databases in the finance sector. Their directors worked with me and my team to define our requirements, and I was impressed by the speed with which their India-based team created a comprehensive and accurate database.

I was pleased that the all of the UK InterWeb team took a keen interest in our marketing exercise, their directors attended our marketing seminars, and gave me useful feedback about the marketing exercise.

I have also used UK InterWeb's transcription service. It's great to dictate a report or some letters in the afternoon, and have the transcribed files on your computer first thing the next day.

Yashr Marzook - CEO, Marzworld Holdings

As the CEO of a shipping company with global reach & experience, I often need access to information about markets, prospective projects & collaborators, and competitors. I am always on the move, and so the rapid response of UK InterWeb has been invaluable on a number of occasions. I am impressed by the quality of their work and their professionalism, and I intend to use more of their services, including secretarial support and website design in the coming months.

Dr Clive Kinder - Founder & Chairman, International Centre for Organisational Management

UK InterWeb created a useful database of Indian companies for the International Centre for Organisational Management, which allowed me to evaluate how to approach this complex and rapidly developing market. They gave me the most relevant information in a clearly presented format, which has been effective for me in meetings with colleagues.

The UK InterWeb team has also given me valuable service in organising the archives of the 65 Action Learning Programmes that I have taught in leading companies and public sector organisations over the past 20 years, and providing my office with essential IT support.

Vijay Goel, Partner, Singhania & Co LLP

The London-based directors of UK InterWeb and their team in Chandigarh modernised the website of Singhania, and created many useful features, for use in the promotion of our law firm to clients in the UK, India and other countries.


As a leading law firm, with a presence in the leading cities of India and in London, Singhania needed a global website, which would appeal to visitors from a broad range of backgrounds. UK InterWeb accomplished this, and gave me a website that proudly represents the high standards of Singhania.

UK InterWeb's team have an open and understanding attitude towards their clients, which means that they can understand our requirements, and implement them effectively.